The Ultrasounds are a sludgy garage pop band based out of Winona, MN comprised of 3 chicks and one dude who surprisingly is not the drummer.  Megan Hanson is the primary songwriter, lead vocalist and guitar player.  Her husband Todd Hanson plays guitar as well and sings backing vocals.  Courtney Guenveur provides the driving low-end with Amber Fletcher’s big drums making up for her diminutive stature.  Their sound is a wall of noisy guitars and feedback juxtaposed with Megan’s frail but poignant melodic vocal delivery.  This combination works well to set them apart from the pack and culminates in a unique blend of indie rock, post-punk, stoner metal, and garage grunge that remains accessible to a wide variety of listeners as long as those listeners aren’t a bunch of tasteless squares.

The band has most recently released their second EP titled Daze Inn EP. It contains 6 songs with much of the raw energy of The Ultrasounds live show being that most of the album was tracked live in Minneapolis at the home and studio of Dan Berndt (Busey, San Dimas, Triple Rock Social Club sound engineer, all around good guy). It was followed by one of their biggest tours yet going as far east as Pittsburgh and as far south as Louisville. Their entire set at Melody Inn in Indianapolis on the Daze Inn tour was filmed by Oscillate TV. Their debut album, The Lost My Mind EP featured 5 tracks with the spirit of The Ultrasounds live sound in mind as well.  It was recorded with the help of longtime musician and producer Randy Kline.  Two tours supported the release of the album and brought the band all over the Midwest to 9 different states.  They’ve also made 4 consecutive Mid West Music Fest appearances and have shared the stage with bands as diverse as Venus DeMars and All The Pretty Horses and Mark Mallman while garnering praise from both music fans and critics alike.

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“The winsome quartet delivered a guitar heavy, drum-driven set filled with distorted dream-pop that commanded the attention of the packed (and well-lubricated) bar. Frontwoman Megan Hanson’s dulcet vocals provided a nice counterbalance to her and Todd Hanson’s grungy, sludgy guitars, while Amber Fletcher’s insistent, quick-fire drums drove the pulsing songs forward.” – City Pages

“grungy songs with the perfect amount of dirty guitar and floor tom” – The Current

“The Ultrasounds is a four-piece band formed out of Winona, MN, fronted by dreamy vocals, with distorted guitars that weave nostalgic harmonies around pop hooks, with a solid foundation of ever present, ever forward pushing drumming. With tried and true influences like Nirvana, Built To Spill and Fugazi simmering to the top in shifts and fading back into parts unknown, The Ultrasounds are actively carving their own notch in the ever growing, ever gritty Midwest garage pop scene.” – Dubuque365

“full of golden choruses and growling guitars, moody bass lines and thunderous drums, and lots and lots of energy” – Winona Post

“fun, punchy garage pop” – The Current

“The Ultrasounds’ Lost My Mind EP is a solid debut recording that leans heavy on deft distorted guitar work — just like their raucous live performances.” – Adam Wiltgen (All Lights Off Radio, The Noisy Neighbor)