The Ultrasounds and PMS @ Cafe Bourbon Street (8/12/15)

Columbus, Ohio is bigger than we thought…it is the 15th largest city in the nation but feels a lot smaller. I guess that’s why they call it the biggest little city in the world or something. Cafe Bourbon Street was probably one of the more divey’r  dives we played. A young and angsty local female punk trio PMS opened the night. They recorded their demo on an iPhone which they were giving out for free with some hand-crafted buttons. There was a surprise local act that followed our set. Imagine Kurt Cobain giving less of a fuck…and that is Chuck. He started his set by saying “I don’t have a band but it’s Chuck the fuck hour. I’m going to make noise as long as you will let me and I promise I will behave.” He flailed around on stage and sometimes would whisper indiscernible words into the mic. He wanted Courtney to play bass with him and even offered to drive home to get his gear.  We didn’t make too much money but we did get free Blatz. We also picked up our buddy Christ’s cymbals (from Morality Crisis) that he left at the venue months ago during their tour. Our gracious pals Blake and Megan let us stay at their place and then we spent the rest of the next morning getting Ol’ Whitey’s fuel injector fixed up. See you soon Louisville…hopefully.

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