The Ultrasounds and Shoot Down the Moon @ Yield Bar (08/08/2015)

It’s always fun to come back to Milwaukee because they have lots of beer and cool people. We played Yield Bar with locals and friends of ours, Shoot Down the Moon. Shoot Down the Moon was amazing and the bar was very punk rock and drunk. Got to see Joe Prusha which is always an experience in itself even if it was just leaving work for a minute to take shots with us. We met some great new people and did an impromptu photo shoot in an alley where we met a guy screaming something about pretzels. We also met a long haired Asian head banger named Don who bought Todd a shot and gave him a massage…nothing weird…though Todd was a little sore the next day. We made another cool friend who was a self-proclaimed fashionista, blogger, and hip hop artist. We talked about afro punk and Tylor the Creator.
The show happened to be just blocks away from Fazio’s, our mechanic savior from a tour we did last spring when we thought we were going to lose Ol’ Whitey for good. We grabbed a bite to eat at Beans & Barley to fuel up for the rest of the night (the burritos were amazing)! Last but not least we had to make sure to get a photo with the Bronze Fonz…he was much smaller in person than we thought he would be but he was still taller than Amber.

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