The Ultrasounds, Dad Shorts, DCSA, and Cape of Bats @ Now That’s Class

After tragedy struck when we got booked into a bed bug infested shit hole (University Hotel & Suites in Cleveland…never do it) and briefly lost the van keys it looked like our  good luck had finally ran out and our first time in Cleveland wasn’t going to be great. Todd had to argue with an old Asian man at the front desk and Hotwire on the phone for around 10 years to get a refund. Here are some humorous and accurate quotes about the hotel we narrowly escaped from others  online reviews:

“Like visiting the depths of hell.” 

“Most dirty hotel in the USA.”

“Urine stains.”

“Worst hotel on the face of the earth.”

“A stink hole.”

“Like something out of a third world country.”

“nightmare fuel”

But then we got to Now That’s Class and everything changed. The place was punk rock as hell and there were skate ramps in the side room.  They even have a 40oz of the month club. The people were good and the drinks were strong. We loved the other bands and people showed up even though it was downpouring and a Monday. Next day we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because when in Rome, you know? I guess touring bands can get in for free. Too bad we found that out later.

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