The Ultrasounds, Memetics, Chemical Envy, and Smokes @ The Melody Inn (08/14/2015)

It had been exactly one year since we last played at the historic Melody Inn in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s definitely one of our favorite stops. We made it in time to catch the end of Hillbilly Happy Hour which got the patrons nice and rowdy before our show started. We always like to spot other MN band stickers at the Mel so we were looking for those as well as ours that we had stuck somewhere last time. Our friend Kat aka Das NastyKat Baller was there being the coolest. Not only is she in a sweet Indy (and I guess indie) band called manners, please—she’s a hunk of gold amongst a pile of pebbles and we love her. Without her there would be a lot less screaming during our guitar solos. We were very fortunate to have Oscillate TV show up and film our entire set. You will be able to see footage online very soon so check them out. The bands really kicked ass and Johnny Z, the bassist from Smokes, had a Sunn amp head luckily that he let Courtney borrow since hers had been having issues since the show in Louisville.  We hope to get back to Indy soon.

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