The Ultrasounds, Remod, Maiden Mars, The Passes @ Iowa City Yacht Club (08/15/2015)

This show was kind of bittersweet since it was the last stop on tour. But, of course, after 10 days on the road everyone is kind of ready to go home.  We stopped at a Big Boy on the way there and it was delicious.  Our server Ebony told us to “Tear up the club” before we left. Todd bought a Big Boy t-shirt and then realized after leaving he had left it there.  He wanted to drive back to get it but that got voted down but I guess they’re going to mail it to him so it is a happy ending. This wasn’t our first time playing in Iowa, but it was our first time in Iowa City.  We played at a place called the Iowa City Yacht Club and it was a very cool venue with two levels.  They also have great rock ‘n’ roll themed grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was quick sets (30 minutes) with 4 bands playing.  The sound was great and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. The other bands were great and very friendly. Kate Kane from Maiden Mars set the whole thing up and we can’t wait to play with those guys again because they’re bitching and self-described Wiccan as Fuck.  The ouji board part got a little freaky, but it was a tour first.  The Daze Inn tour was—if I can use the words of Kate Kane—sick nasty—until next one.


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