The Ultrasounds, Scuzz Master, Sick Velvet and Cold Star @ Magnolia Bar (8/13/15)

Loo-a-vul or Loo-E-ville or however the hell Y’all pronounce it…you sure know how to throw a party. We would like to thank you for the first ever complimentary champagne brought to an Ultrasounds show, and permission to blow up the Tower of Doom in the back of the Magnolia Bar (eat. 1937) patio. We figured we’d light off the fireworks we bought in Indiana where it was most illegal. Beanie the bar owner told us to have fun with it and to come back again so I guess he wasn’t too mad at us. He was a sweet dude who peed in Bob Seger’s yard when he was touring with his band in the ’90s.  The venue side of the bar had about a dozen sweet ’90s arcade games like Mortal Combat and Shinobi that surround you when you play. All the bands were fuzzy as hell and Danny and Jessica of Scuzz Master let us crash at their place after the show. They’re cool dudes and their band rocks. Cheers to our new pals in Louisville.  Also we got to see Colonel Sanders grave on the way out of town because how can you visit Louisville without saying “hi” to the Colonel?

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