The Ultrasounds, The Spectres, and Dhruva Krishna and the Family Band @ Howlers (8/11/15)

We LOVED Pittsburgh! Our first stop, was  a magical place called Randyland. We were crestfallen since Randy himself was not there but his artist informed of us that he was being recognized to possibly receive a grant to put towards his masterpiece that is Randyland. We were baffled that the majority of locals that we talked to hadn’t heard of it when we had heard about it online. Do yourself a favor and check it out…you won’t be let down. We were surprised to find out that most restaurants were byob and that bars allow smoking inside. We were transported back to the late 90’s when we saw a cigarette vending machine in some local dive bar.
We arrived at Howlers and were greeted by the infamous Manny. He is the guy who put the show together and who is a focal point of much Pittsburgh music scene lore including having Kurt Cobain crash on his couch. He was a character to say the least and a Manny of all trades. The locals we played with were rad and we danced a bunch. After the show we stayed with our good pals Jesse and Steph from The Lopez and their 4 beautiful cats. It was the closest we felt to home yet on this trip. They are great people and we are sure we will see them again very soon. Just when we thought Pittsburgh couldn’t get any better we found out that Pee Wee Herman’s bike was at a place called Bicycle Heaven, a museum of over 3000 bikes. They were friendly folks who then suggest we check out Get Hip Records, a large record distributor that is owned by Gregg from the band The Cynics. We met a guy named Jason who let us explore a bit. Even though there weren’t any statues, it was a monumental experience and we can’t wait to come back.

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